Sending Email From Your WordPress Site

How to ensure your email gets delivered

To send email from your website effectively, we recommend setting up a mailbox via your cPanel interface and using a plugin such as Easy WP SMTP to connect with those mailbox details to the cPanel mailbox. This will utilise the email you just created to send mail & ensure you have the best deliverability. 

The details for this mailbox will be required in order to setup your SMTP plugin so remember to make a note of the email address you select and the password for that mailbox.

The hostname for the plugin will be the name of the server your website is hosted on which you can find out from your client area or cPanel. Alternatively, you can use "localhost" which is another way of saying, use the server that the website is on. 

If your email isn't hosted on your cPanel account, remember that you'll need to add the servers IP address to your SPF Record in order to ensure email deliverability. 

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