Activating LetsEncrypt SSL



Let's Encrypt is part of an initiative to encrypt as much World Wide Web traffic as possible. It is designed to make creating, installing, and renewing SSL certificates a simple and straightforward process.



LetsEncrypt SSL certificates are available freely with each cPanel account hosted with Stratagem Hosting. 

Navigate to Security and click LetsEncrypt SSL, or use the search function at the top of the page.

The LetsEncrypt page shows domains that already have an SSL certificate installed and those that are available to issue a certificate against. To issue a new certificate - click issue. 


The next page shows the available subdomains to add a certificate for, including the cPanel subdomains. These are optional and the only required SSL is the one for the primary domain associated with the cPanel account. You can select http-01 verification for standard web based verification or dns-01 if your nameservers are pointed to us.


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